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A simple troll

Saturday, August 27th, 2011

икони на светциI got trolled on one of the many comedy sites I write for!

In this case it was a site that I goofed on Ohio State on back in early 2008!

This just happened tonight, over halfway through 2011~!


Feel free to e-mail the tard ball who trolled me;

Here is the article that I wrote an f’ing forever ago;


The trolling comment not edited at all, sorry for Ohio Public Schools;

“I do not even know how I finished up here, however I assumed this post was good. I don’t recognise who you are but certainly you’re going to a well-known blogger for those who aren’t already ;) Cheers!”

Thanks! I am going to a well known blogger for those who aren’t already! And thanks for ‘recognising’ that my post was good! Emoticon Wink!!!

On a side note put down that Keystone Lite case, and pick up a Spell/Grammer check, Buckeye Fan!!!

Already understood, but I think we can all agree that my S was hilarious, and this buffoon is a buffoon.

Well, he’s clearly an Ohio State fan, so perhaps that should be obvious…


Suck the Fuckeyes

Monday, May 30th, 2011

Jim Tressel is and has always been dirty.

I am still shocked that he ever was brought to do the right thing and resign in disgrace.

Not that I am shocked, his pious, Christian act was just that, an act.

My Ohio friends used to always talk and talk and talk about how The Vest did things the ‘Right way’. And when I scoffed they took umbrage…

I accept all of your apologies.

You are all allowed to say it. Get in Line…


Not the first time I spoke the truth and was slapped for it. Prolly won’t be the last.

But damn if it doesn’t feel great in the moment when vindication comes.

What is sad is the Buckeye response. The attitude of ‘All the schools are doing it’ is weak for Middle School kids, much less adults who should know better than to point at the others guys when you’ve done wrong. Had Buckeye Nation just owned it years ago and The Vest quit then, this would not be as sweet as it is today.

For that I thank you, Buckeye Nation.

I can’t wait til the day when Jim Tressel buys his ticket to the CFB Hall of Fame (The only way he’d ever get in) and looks longingly at that bust of a REAL MAN AND FOOTBALL COACH Lloyd Carr and gets all weepy and cries into his Vest.

God it feels good to be right, and on the side of light and truth, unlike my Ohio friends who walk the path of corruption and darkness.

Suck it Buckeye Nation, this has been over a decade coming.

Enjoy your sanctions.



Monday, May 16th, 2011

If you have a friend who insists that the anime FLCL makes total sense if you just watch all 6 episodes…Do not believe them, punch them.

No seriously, that is an awful show that I just finished watching, and I am angry anyone ever suggested it to me.

In short, skip that crap, your brain will thank you.


Exorcism Movies; Why Bother???

Saturday, January 8th, 2011

Is this shit scary to anyone anymore?

I mean, 35 some odd years ago this crap made many people shit their pants.

It was a different world back then. It was a world where deep down people actually believed that religion was…get this…REAL!!!

Since then we have progressed as a people and accepted that what some old dude in Italy tells us is fact is actually, bullshit, because, well, it is.

So why does it seem that every year Hollywood drops a proverbial dump on all of us in the form of a new exorcism movie???

Exorcisms are seen by most of us as crap we still can’t believe is sanctioned and humored by any body of people, much less people that try and tell us how to live our lives.

Yet here we are constantly being reminded that we are to be ‘Shocked’ by ‘True Events’ that pretty much play out the same way in every one of these awful movies. If you feel the urge to see one of these retreads let me cue you in;

1) The victim will be female
2) They will speak Latin
3) They will say rude words
4) Their body will contort in some unnatural way
5) The ending will leave you unsatisfied and convinced that THIS EVIL IS STILL OUT THERE!!!

Did I spoil the movie for you? It’s OK cause chances are you’re an idiot and going to forget anyways.

So anyways, please stop supporting these awful retread exorcist movies. They all suck and need to go away. You know, like anything that 2 of the 6 writers of Scary Movie would have you go see. Just sayin’.


A memory

Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

In another life when I worked in restaurants I used to work with a fiery, belligerent Christian theology student.

When I would get a horrific tip I would punch it into the computer while saying something to the effect of; ‘I hope you die of facial cancer’ or ‘I hope you do not survive the one car accident I wish upon you’.

Said theology student asked me why I was saying such things.

My response was, ‘It makes me feel better, plus if I put that energy into the universe, it is possible it may happen’.

His response;

‘I don’t know why you’re just saying things to yourself that do not matter and will come to nothing, even if it makes you feel better.’

My same thoughts on his type of prayer.



Michael Vick

Monday, August 17th, 2009

OK, I am just sickened by this guy.

Vick spent 2 years in prison for running a dogfighting ring for 6 years. In this he laughed as family pets got torn to shreds by vicious pit bulls. In this he drown and electrocuted dogs who were not performing. In this he got his proverbial ‘rocks off’ and took pictures of himself trying to look cool in the dogfighting environments.

Now he says that he sees how terrible it all was and says he’s sorry.

Fuck Michael Vick. Is anyone really dumb enough to think that if he had not been caught that he wouldn’t still be involved in this crap? Do Herm Edwards and Tony Dungy really think that if left unchecked, that Vick would have ‘figured it out’ and put an end to the dogfighting ring that he apparently was so happy to be involved with???

Michael Vick is one of the most disgusting human beings to have ever lived. He is an insult to polite society, a criminal, and a murderer who got off on torturing animals. The fact that he is being allowed to come back and make millions of dollars to play football again should be making people around the country very angry.

And all this doesn’t even mention that when he was playing, he was a shitty quarterback! He could run well, sure, but lacked the ability to actually be an consistent, effective NFL QB. This pimp job that ESPN has been trying to run for him the past month has been disgusting. ‘Hey, I know, let’s put someone new on TV every day talking about what an exciting runner he was, and forget about everything else period!’

So in short, the Eagles just signed a 30 year old, past his prime, murdering, torturing, can’t throw, can’t read defenses, fumbling, criminal who will bring protests everywhere he goes to a multi million dollar deal. All this for what? I’ve already talked to passionate Eagles fans who tell me that they refuse to root for their own team this year as long as Vick is on it. I am sure they are not the only ones.

Know this; Michael Vick has surrounded himself with lawyers, writers, coaches, and PR people. every single thing he does right now he was told to do. Every word he says he was told to say. Before you start to believe him, know that. He has a top notch team orchestrating his every motion. The real Michael Vick is a monster who does NOT actually feel bad about what he did, he only feels bad that he got caught, and now is trying to follow a path that will get him paid again.

I hope the Eagles come to their senses and cut Vick before the start of the season. Playing in the NFL is a privilege, not a right. And his inhuman actions over an extended period of time prove that he does not deserve this privilege.

So, in short, the Eagles should do the right thing and dump Vick out on his shady ass. Good riddance torturer, you already deserve far worse than you have gotten. I hope you burn in hell you sick fuck.


Craig’s List Experiment

Saturday, July 18th, 2009

Ok, I like to do this every once in a while to see what happens. This is the experiment i referenced in the earlier post.

I posted 3 differently toned Craig’s List personal ads a couple days ago and wanted to see what kind of responses I would get based on the ads.

I got ALOT of responses to all 3. And I doubt all of them. For the record, I placed 3 ads. One ‘Real’ ad, one ‘Defiant/Confrontational’ ad, and one ‘Asshole’ ad. I was curious to see what responses each would get. I posted each in the same night, roughly a half hour apart from each other.

Before I get to the responses, here are the ads I placed (Sorry if you read this after they take them down post 7 days, but here are the links attached for proof if you read this before that happens);

AD 1: Realistic

Creepy and Weird Desired – 29 (East LA)

Ok, I’m tall and sarcastic with a shaved head.

I am looking for someone delightful who doesn’t fit into the mainstream, I am so tired of these boring LA people and need a fresh change. I just would like an alternative, nerdy, neurotic lady who is looking for a guy who will appreciate them for the odd centerpiece that they are.

I prefer tallish, and athletic to average builds.

If that fits you and you are a real person (For serious, am I right?), let me know. Pics are preferred. I know, I didn’t give one, but if you are willing to take a chance, I am willing to give back.

Ad 2: Defiant/Confrontational

You don’t exist – 30

This town has drained me. I’m looking for someone who doesn’t make me want to put a gun in my mouth after 30 seconds of conversation.

If you weigh over 150, don’t bother unless you are over 6 feet tall.

I challenge you to exist, cause I don’t believe you do in LA.

Ad 3: Asshole (Ok, I’m not proud of this, for the sake of full disclosure I’m posting it word for word)

Ima whip your ass – 31 (Hollywood)

No BS here.

I want to tie you up, tease your clit, and play with your ass.

Odds are I will not respect you, nor will I care. I just have gone too long without some serious BDSM play, and am looking for some young talent who want an audition.

I’m a medium/athletic 6’4 with pale skin.

Send pictures, not your problems.

I sat back and anticipated all the e-mails to come pouring in.

And they did.

No shit, within 24 hours I got over 75 responses.

Sad thing is, I am pretty sure that each and every one of them was from a spammer with not a single real person among them. For reals, I got a shitload of e-mails from these ads, and not a single one I decided was real. It was to the point that I would have seriously dated any real response, and I got none.

Let’s get to these responses;

First one came in quickly! 15 minutes into this test I got my first email, from Moria Prince;

i keep getting errors when i try to send pix saying its too big for
craigslist, can i send them directly? maybe i will upload them to a

That is a response? Really? Sounded like bullshit to me, oh yeah, that because it was. Let’s move on…

‘Walter Kenney’ wrote me next, saying the following;

hi there.

I dont use email very much so you if you wanna talk to me heres my
aim: krystal3900

bye~ talk to you soon.


Let me just say right now that first step in understanding that this person is not real is…The e-mail address says one name while the message says another. I mean seriously??? how dumb do these spammers think we are? Are people that desperate that they get an e-mail from Walter and don’t mind that the message is from Krystal???

Moving on, I got an e-mail for one of my other ads from a ‘Phil Shoemaker’. This e-mail said…

hi there.

I dont use email very much so you if you wanna talk to me heres my
aim: krystal3900

bye~ talk to you soon.


I mean seriously??? What the fuck??? Never mind that the e-mails come from the address of some guy. In my reasoning, if some response needs to you to go through a 3rd party dating site or other means of communication, then once again, they are a fake. I was not left undaunted though. I now wanted to believe more than ever that Craig’s List had a special someone out there for either me or an alter ego of me!

Hi Linda Barker! What do you have to say???

Hi! your post kind of popped out at me while I had been getting around Craigslist I believe that we may be right. You and I can just go ahaed and sawp pictures and so e-mail me bcak at and I’ll get you mine and Id like yurs as well. Adios!

Well the typos alone would be enough to make me hate you. But the fact that this e-mail comes from one address, and asks me to go through a different address to make contact (And one that seems to have a different name mind you) causes me to believe that this shit is once again, FRAUD!

So sad, because I thought Linda Barker might actually be the one.

Actually, I got ALOT of e-mails that were very similar to the one you just read. generically boring yet showing interest. Asking me to start e-mailing a totally separate address with a seemingly totally different name. Oi, can I get just one real response???

Will you be real, Mr. Wilbur Davidson???

hi there.

I dont use email very much so you if you wanna talk to me heres my
aim: krystal3900

bye~ talk to you soon.


GOD DAMN IT!!! AGAIN??? By now all three of my ads have been published, and the bullshit may commence full tilt.

How did my ‘Asshole Ad’ strike you Mitchell Hayden???

Hey, I just saw your ad. how you doing?

What the hell kind of response is that? I just said that I didn’t care about your feelings, I wanted to tie you down, and then play with your ass!!! All you have to respond with was a milquetoast ‘How you doing’??? Fuck you that’s how I’m doing!!! Even if you are real I wouldn’t give a fuck if you formed a voodoo cult against me! What kind of lame bullshit to something so strong is that???

Thankfully the next one was better;

Deeanna Dittmer chimed in with…

Hey, I just saw your ad. how you doing?

FUCK! Will the next e-mail save me???

Kiak Rull wants to know…

Hey, I just saw your ad. how you doing?

Ok, for reals now? Are there any real people actually on Craigs List???

A few e-mails (that were exactly the same as others I’ve mentioned) later I get one with a picture! Huzzah! I won’t post the picture but here is the text from my new angel; Womi James…

my name is womi.
i am interested in you, 23 from Nigeria.

When is the rage supposed to subside??? Now I not only have Fakey McFakertons e-mailing me, but now a Nigerian scam as well. Fucking awesome!!!

I quickly forget that e-mail, as I get one from ‘Kim Walker’ that wants me to e-mail her at I cannot express how many e-mails exactly like that one that I got. I understand that desperation has caused many people to do and believe many things. But are there really people gullible enough to return interest from someone who asks them to call them a totally different name? If you are guilty of this then I pity you. I have wanted to love many people that were not worthy. I have wanted to love many people who were not ready for me. I have NEVER wanted to love somebody who at first said their name was Kim Walker but then after 10 seconds asked me to call them Tiffany Bradley. Just sayin…

Oh cool! Someone replied to my ‘Asshole’ ‘Ima whip your ass’ posting! You know, the ones that asked for no problems, just pictures.

i keep getting errors when i try to send pix saying its too big for
craigslist, can i send them directly? maybe i will upload them to a

Maybe you will. Maybe you’re a fucking moron. Maybe I don’t care. For the record, over the 24 hours I got this same message to all 3 postings a various times. At least this one broke it up a little. not like my friend ‘Veronica’

I just read your post in craigslist. I am looking for someone too, I’m aslo 31 years old. i tired to send you my pic in this email but it didn’t work, so i posted my picture in . the link is to a dating site which I have a profile on. you may need to login, but signup is free anyway. i can’t write somethings that i want to say in this email because my ex has my email password. so can you use that to contact me plz? after you signup, search for my id annabella90 . its very simple. if this looks like too much of a hassle then don’t worry about it. I just thought we may have something common when i read your post.
bye veronica

Not to be confused with ‘Dianna’

I just read your post in craigslist. I am looking for someone too, I’m aslo 30 years old. i tired to send you my pic in this email but it didn’t work, so i posted my picture in . the link is to a dating site which I have a profile on. you may need to login, but signup is free anyway. i can’t write somethings that i want to say in this email because my ex has my email password. so can you use that to contact me plz? after you signup, search for my id fantasticgurl5 . its very simple. if this looks like too much of a hassle then don’t worry about it. I just thought we may have something common when i read your post.,
bye dianna

or ‘Alissa’

I just read your post in craigslist. I am looking for someone too, I’m aslo 29 years old. i tired to send you my pic in this email but it didn’t work, so i posted my picture in . the link is to a dating site which I have a profile on. you may need to login, but signup is free anyway. i can’t write somethings that i want to say in this email because my ex has my email password. so can you use that to contact me plz? after you signup, search for my id fantasticgurl5 . its very simple. if this looks like too much of a hassle then don’t worry about it. I just thought we may have something common when i read your post.,
bye alissa

At least those e-mails made me feel kinda gushy inside. Like I was a person that mattered! But that sassy ‘Asshole’ ad kept getting traffic! Remember when I said that I didn’t care about you and just wanted to play with your ass? Well here was a delightful response to such an offer;

Hi there! I am someone who isnt into games,and looking for the same. I love anything with to do with cars and motorcyles. I love to joke around and have a good time but know when to be serious. I am up for trying new things. I am looking for someone to have fun with and maybe see where it goes from there. Who knows maybe there could be something there or maybe a good friendship could develop. hit me up!

Please click here If You want view my pics and call me!!

Hey ‘GooKitty107′ that sounds awesome…and totally fucking generic! Try actually pretending to read my post before sending me your run of the mill response next time! And for the record ‘GooKitty107′??? That just sounds gross to me. Like something that the Ghostbusters would fight in a hotel. ‘Get the trap set Egon, we got to take down this GooKitty!!!’

Oh yeah, for the record ‘GooKitty’ also wrote me 3 times with the same generic bullshit. Once for each ad, thanks GooKitty!

A few more ‘I claim my name is one thing yet ask you to e-mail someone else’ e-mails later I got another response with a pic!!! (Pic not shown) A fat goth with a tattooed chest named ‘Anthony Rapstine’ wrote me (In pink type font!) to say;

will you donate roses for plaing with mt ass,no sexual acts,my name is Rachel,I am 19,sorry you see a guys name but I dont want people having my email,sending pic.

Huh? I’m not even sure I understand this crap? So you want me to play with your ass but nothing sexual??? Hmm, not sure I can live with that sweetcakes.

‘Megan Turner’ wanted to chime in next;

Heya! I just got here and I don’t really have many friends yet. Im really just on here to chat with and maybe meet new people to do stuff with. I would like to hear back from you but youll have 2 message me on b/c I had some problems on here with junkmail when I responded to other ads before. Hoping to hear from u.

This is one that I like to call ‘The New Girl’ approach. Kinda self explanatory I figure. But basically the person described (Despite once again showing one name then suggesting another) wants me to know that they are new in town and need friends. Mmm hmm. And the best way to meet new long lasting friends is to respond to Craig’s List ads of people who say they don’t care about you, and just want to play with your ass. I mean, that’s what I do when I move to a new area, don’t you?

Hey another picture!!

Awesome! She looks cute! It must be cold where she is! But at least she loves the Lord and that should keep her warm! But what does this ‘Therese West’ have to say???

Hey whats going on? Do you wanna go out with me only once, twice,
three times….doesn’t matter? I’m your girl.Let me say that I’m 5’4,
115 lbs and 24 y/o. If i sound like someone (or look like, i attached
a pic) that you might be interested in then reply to my email.

Awesome!!! I’m totally going to write this chick back! Oh wait…in the same minute I got the same exact e-mail again with the same picture. Oh wait…shit…the minute still isn’t up yet and I got the same exact shit a THIRD time. Well, either Therese West knows exactly what she wants and she is so fast she could respond to all 3 of my ads within A SINGLE MINUTE or once again the shit is not real. Damn it.

From here it got a little boring, as Zenaida Baum wanted to know 3 times over;


Are you still avialable????


Typos are cute if I am looking for a moron. No excuse that you’d still fuck it up on the third try though. Goodbye Zenaida Baum, I thought you were special.

Now I think that the people from Dateline NBC started coming after me. I got a couple e-mails from people willing to send pics. These pics were labeled things such as ‘Me-17′ and the like. Nice try Chris Hansen and Perverted Justice!!! But I am not going to fall for your games today!

And here is another fascinating type of e-mail that I got OFTEN through the 24 hour period. The ‘I’m new to the internet so don’t judge me cause I put my pictures up on the first website I ever made’ story…

Hey I just created this email account to reply to ur CL post. Have you found anyone?…I would give you my phone number & real email but last time I did that some obsessive guy kept on calln & emailing me like non-stop…had to change it for that reason. Anyways I made a personal web page with photos of me…don’t laugh it’s my 1st web page I ever made lol :)

LOL I am totally laughing at you and your weak crap! And the dozen or so others who sent me almost word for word the same thing caused me to LOL too!!!

How about the following, sent to me within a minute (By total coincidence) by Waldir Junior, Rajesh Durkhure, and Dejan Dobrotinsek;

wassup my name is kelly i was looking on cl u seemed interesting u shud hit me up click here

Now wait a second. That is not Kelly! I know Kelly! She would never say wassup! At least not without capitalizing it! And for the record the ‘Click here’ would have taken me to a ‘Meet young singles’ website…FAIL

Gary Kaiser sent me 3 banal messages not worth reprinting here, and that is saying something!

Donald Pierce sent me 2.

So did Soila Hershberger and Carolynn Baldon. Carolynn was a really bad girl! she said the following;

Hi sweetie,

Let me start by saying – I’m married. Did that scare you? If you’re
still reading this, great! I’m in my upper 30′s and so desperately
needing to get taken care of by a strong but kind guy (preferably well
endowned but I’m not choosy). My current relationship isn’t all it’s
cracked up to be and my husband, as decent a man as he is, just isn’t
doing it for me in bed. But I’m not gonna get into that. I’d much
rather focus on building a connection with someone else. I’m not
looking for anything long-term. This is strictly casual. I’m witty,
athletic, and outgoing. I like your description of yourself in the ad.
Please please please consider me for a date? ;)

I prefer to keep this a secret so I am a member of a
married-but-looking type of dating website. Meetings will be
facilitated by them. I’m the paying member of the site, not you. But
I figure if the guy can spring for a good meal and a romantic place,
that makes it fair, don’t you think? ;) You’ll be able to see my pics
and we can chat as well. So don’t take too long! I’m online between
9a and 4p local time. The hubby is at work during these hours.

Here’s my profile link. Sign up and you’ll find my profile.

screen name is Lacy1

Hope to see you :)

Oh wait, did I mention that Soila sent me the same word for word message? I didn’t? Did I need to?

Oh Dear Lord. I’m at my wits end and about to give up. Maybe this last response from ‘Little Bird’ will set me straight?!?!?!

I am mailing you regarding your post.
I find your ad interesting.
I am pretty looking lady. I am coming to your place in couple of weeks.
and looking for a man to show me your area.
This way we could know each other better.
I am going to send you my snap when you reply.
I am coming from European part.
I am not spam like most.
Hasta la bye bye

Maybe not.

So, in short, I got over 75 responses to my 3 ads in the first 24 hour period. Near as I can tell, not a single one was real. Not a single one was even close to real. Let’s be straight, all of them were totally see through bullshit trying to scam me one way or another.

This has caused me to think that anyone who uses Craig’s List for any purpose other than receiving copious amounts of spam is an idiot.

75+ responses, not a single real one. The numbers speak for themselves. If you ever get the notion to look for love on the Craig’s List. Please reread this again, and then slap yourself in the face with a hockey stick.

As for me, i will continue the chart these waters by myself…

As Craig’s List would desire.


Sorry Texas Ladies…

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009

I made a realization last night while in my sickly haze.

I do not think I could ever date a female who hailed from the great state of Texas.

I’ve just noticed that young ladies from Texas and me just plain do not jive together. They don’t get me, and I don’t get them. This is not to say anything disparaging about the lovely young Texan ladies. It’s just that in this, they are totally wrong, because I am awesome.

I don;t know for sure what it is. But Texans don’t seem to understand the language of sardonic biting wit. There is a certain thing that Midwesterners have in common, and that is a sassy, sarcastic way about them. I think it’s a gene that you acquire through drinking Faygo and plowing snow.

But when I am my typical charming self around delightful Texans, I tend to get strange blank stares. It’s as if I just tried to explain thermodynamics in Chinese to them. there is a polite smile, and a quick departure.

Also, why aren’t Texans ever in a hurry to do anything? Whether it be walking, speaking, or thinking, I’ve noticed that those folks never seem to be able to get to where it is they are trying to go with any expediency at all. You ever been to a theme park with a Texan? It’s death. Slow, slow, meandering death. I think you get to go on like, 2 rides before the sun goes down. They don’t want to do the activities that the theme park would lay out for you. No, they just want to wander around the park and look at things with a slightly agape smile. This also does not jive with me.

So, in short, I apologize to all the Texan ladies out there. But I don’t get you, and you clearly do not get me. This is a shame, because Texas women I’ve heard are the tallest in the country, and that is awesome. But sadly it will never be. Ah well, at least the Canadians still love me.



Thursday, June 11th, 2009

This could be my new favorite news story.

A woman is trying to sue the Cap’n Crunch folks for deception. Deception you ask? Yes, she claims that she was deceived by the company because Crunch Berries are not actual fruit.

Yes, go ahead, read that one again. I’ll wait.

Now, a quick rebuttal from me;

Where do you think they grow the Crunchberries? Do you think that somewhere deep in the Amazon Rainforest there exists a tribe of natives who yield the highest Crunchberry output in the world? They have a vast Crunchberry field set up next to their Schnozberry one. And no, of course Crunchberries do not resemble fruit, don’t be silly. They resemble sugar sweetened corn cereal! It’s part of the magic of the Amazonian tribe and the fertile grounds they grow in.

Or, you be tarded and need to stop, now.



Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

I’m watching this magical show on G4 right now. It’s called Cheaters. It is a joy to behold. In it, someone who suspects their partner of cheating (They always are) gets the Cheaters folks to tail them and get the proof.

This show makes me glad of my internal pickyness. It’s just amazing to see the testimonials at the start of the show, and watch the person who is getting cheated on’s opinion of their partner, and the loving, glowing paintbrush that they use to describe how wonderful they are. Then you actually meet them in the ‘Confrontation’ segment and these people turn out to be angry balls of hate who scream alot and get violent, even though THEY were the ones who were doing wrong. It again, is a joy to behold.

It is always funny to me to see a wildly incongruent couple together, and how they both (Or sometimes just one of them) just lives in a state of perpetual denial about how not working the relationship is. Then to hear these same people after the whole thing blows up not having a clue as to how something so perfect could fail. People are hilarious that way.

Ah well, I’d rather be single than dealing with perpetual bullshit. And it’s quality programs like Cheaters that drive this point home.