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People Piss Me Off

Wednesday, May 31st, 2006

I’d like to say that I have a love/hate relationship with people. There are so many freaking awesome people out there, and then there are so many freaking douchebags to go with them. Unfortunately, often times they hide in the guise of the other, and you don’t find out til it is too late. I am grateful that most of the people that I consider friends out here so far fall into the cool people category, and I have been able to limit the awful ones to a minimum.

All that being said, how fucking hard is it to be honest with other people? I’ve had this issue with others before, and once again it’s rearing it’s ugly head to annoy me again. I like to just be straight and honest with everyone. If someone asks me a question, I will respond with the honest truth of how I feel or what I know to be true. I will not tell someone something unless it is the truth. I don’t need to worry about who I tell what to, because no matter what it will all add up. I don’t worry about saying certain things about people when they are not around, because almost always it is stuff I would say to their face. To me this is a good way to be.

So why do so many people have issues with the truth of the real world? If you are a certain way, then fucking be that way, and be honest with yourself and others as to who and what you are. Don’t do things that you would not admit to later, it is never worth it. But seriously, embrace the person that you choose to be. If you don’t actually like the person that you are, then fucking change what it is you do. Life is too short to be ashamed of who you really are.

With all that being said, why the fuck do people lie all the time? I don’t think the standards I hold myself to are so damned unreachable that others should not be held to similar set of standards for themselves. When I actually take the time to try and get to know somebody, I actually want ot try and get to know them. I don’t want to get to know their persona, or the fake person they pretend to be. I actually want to get ot know the real person, aka the person I was trying to know in the first place.

So if I come right out and tell someone to be straight with me, because I can see right through their bullshit, why would they continue to lie? Why would they take that moment where I lay all the shit out on the table and continue? I mean, if the jig is up, and I am being serene and honest, is it too much to ask others to be the same back with me? Is it too much to have other people who claim to want to get to know me better not treat me like I am a fucking moron? It is not easy to lie to me, I will know, I just usually let alot of shit pass.

Anyways, I ask out loud, how hard is it to find people that actually want to act like I am an intelligent human being, and not some fucktard that just wants to get laid?

And this is yet another reason why people piss me off.

Fuck that Fire Truck

Friday, May 26th, 2006

Fuck that Fire Truck Repost

Seriously, Fuck it

What are you doing sitting there for like 2 hours, lights flashing, in the middle of the street just right outside my window at 2am?

There is no Fire

There is no Emergency

There is no Kitty caught up in a Tree

So what the fuck are you doing?

Booty Call? That would make sense.

I don’t even see anybody around the damn truck, I wonder if the keys are still in the ignition, waiting for me to come over and drive it away GTA style.

Seriously, what the fuck are you doing out there! Your existence has no purpose!

It’s bad enough I get fire trucks blaring full lights/sirens roughly every 2 hours all day rolling 50 feet past my window, but now you just gotta stop there and piss me off?

Do something!!!

Ugh, finally, it is going away, no emergency, I think it was a booty call.

Fuck that Damn Fire Truck

Mac Ads

Thursday, May 25th, 2006

I am sick of these retarded ads for Apple Computers…

Fucking Gay

I get the whole angle of what they are trying to do and say. Mac’s are EDGY and Jimmy Fallon wannabes, while PC’s kinda look like Bubbles and have major issues.

But the claims these commercials make? For example, in one the PC keeps crashing and restarting, and the Mac is fine. The Mac exclaims that actually he doesn;t need to crash and reboot. Huh? I have used Macs often in my travels, and those stupid things turn the mouse cursor into a spinny wheel thingy and keep going all day til you take a hammer to the screen. Where do they get off trying to say that their computers are crash proof?

Another claim I love is when the PC talks about how many different viruses there are out there, and the Mac states that those viruses are for PC’s, not Macs. Somehow implying that Macs are completely virusproof. Hmm, I think my Mac might have a virus, OH WAIT NO they have eliminated the possibility of encoding a virus into my Mac, and the concept that my Mac could possibly get a virus is laughable, because we are the teflon computer. Give me a fucking break.

About the only intelligent thing these ads say about Macs is that they now are compatible with PC’s and run many of the same programs. So if they all work together, then owning a PC I feel great in knowing that my machine can already do everything that those crappy Macs can do.

I will now right click my way to freedom.

Random blurbs

Tuesday, May 9th, 2006

Some wise person once said that you should treat a whore like a queen, and a queen like a whore. This is great advice, and the reason I just treat everyone like a whore. I figure this way I’ll ween off the actual whores, leaving the queens behind. And no, I don’t mean queens like Liberace, I mean like quality women, you know, cause seriously, I’m not gay, no for real, damn it……

I was shopping for toiletries yesterday and the only reason I bought the Cottenelle brand toilet paper was because they had a cute puppy on the bag. And they say that kind of thing doesn’t work.

I was using a public toilet 2 days ago, and when I walked in I noticed that the seat was up on the toilet, yet there was toilet paper laid down like a toilet seat cover on the lower bowl area. This got me thinking, “Did some really fat guy with a huge ass just use this toilet? And was the seat too small for his enormous heiney? So therefore he had to put the seat up, lay down the TP, and crap straight into the bowl?” I have never heard of this before, and am deeply confused over the whole event.

So I am about to leave work yesterday, I got my apron off, and am headed to the door, when a 55-60 year old white bald guy in an ESPN jacket happened to be walking right by me. We made eye contact about 2 lengths apart from each other. When out of nowhere he held out his fist towards me, as if he was looking for a fist bump! So as we pass I reach out and give him the fist bump. He just gives me a look as if to say, yeah homey, that’s what I’m talking about, and I just gave him to cool guy nod. In all no words were actually spoken, but it was a trippy experience, it’s hard to do justice as to exactly how absurd it was.

Go to and type in snakes on a plane for a bunch of funny fake trailers and anything more you may wanna see, I almost threw up from laughing so hard last night as I watched them. It ruled.

Ok, I think that is it for now, remember I love to play games, just not the social ones.


PS. I heard Snakes on a Plane is coming out in August, only 3 more months to wait for genius! If you are in LA and want to come to see it opening day and be part of the greatest party since 1999, let me know.