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I hate it

Wednesday, November 26th, 2008

I just had a conversation with one of my actors for the show I do. And I hated it. I had to tell him that due to his lack of communication and missing rehearsals, that I cut him from the show. He took it well and understood my position, but I hate having to be that guy.

Damn it, responsibility sucks ass.


Could Not Agree More

Saturday, November 22nd, 2008

This was lifted from a Facebook friend, sentiment understood and agreed with!


More thoughts…

Saturday, November 22nd, 2008

OK, the sack beating is over. I cannot remember ever being less excited going into a UM/OSU game, and this has been echoed by my evil brothers on the other side of the fence. It’s sad that going into this game, nobody really seemed to care. Seemingly the one who cared less than anyone was the coach of Michigan, and that is just sad.

Rich Rod needs to go.

That being said, what does he say to his team at halftime to cool them down so hard every game? It seems like the game is close going into halftime every week, and then in the second half the other team pulls away and makes it a huge gap in score. I saw this today, Penn State, and Michigan State? What is Rich doing at halftime, reading passages from ‘The Book of Manners’???

It was also refreshing to see Tressel being classless as usual in the game. Up 42-7 in the 4th quarter he brings in his backup QB and proceeds to start calling long bombs. Nice job, I’m glad to see that you don’t remember the lesson of 1968. If this doesn’t give all the drive in the world for next year’s game, I don’t know what is left.

So all we have left is to sit back and cheer for Penn State. Because, seriously, is there anyone in the world that actually wants to see a rematch of USC-Ohio State in the Rose Bowl? That would be 15 shades of awful. Send the Suckeyes to the Capital One bowl to get hammered by the 4th or 5th best team in the SEC, and let Joe Pa get crushed in the Rose Bowl, it’s only fair!

Oh, and by the way, FIRE RICH RODRIGUEZ!!!


It’s Time.

Saturday, November 22nd, 2008

I have seen enough.

It is time to fire Rich Rodriguez.

I wasn’t sold on the hire in the first place as many of you know, and I have seen NOTHING this year to dissuade me. Let’s take a look at the year for the ‘A+ hire’ according to those toads at ESPN;

3-9 Record
I am writing this assuming that they will lose to Ohio State today, and we are just one quarter into it. The 9 losses this year would be the worst record in the history of the University of Michigan. But that’s OK, they have only been playing Michigan football for 129 years.

Losses in All the Rivalry Games
Unless you plan on winning the Big Ten, or competing for a National Championship, there are only 3 games that matter every year. Those would be the games against Notre Dame, Michigan State, and Ohio State. The great leadership of Rich Rodriguez has brought losses in all 3 of these games. I mean, if you are going to win 3 games all season, at least make sure that ONE OF THEM is against one of those 3 teams.

Inept Offense
As I watch this game today, Michigan still does not have a first down. The play calling has been bizarre, gimmicky, and small minded. i keep hearing the arguement that 10 starters left for the pros from last years team. If you are the Eastern Michigan Eagles, that is a valid excuse. If you are the winningest program in the history of college football, it is not. Rodriguez was heralded as an offensive guru coming into the job, and this season Michigan has had one of the most inept offenses I’ve ever seen. Can anyone say Marty Mornhinweg?

Team Got Worse as Season Went On
This is the inexcusable part to me. Rodriguez brought in a totally new offensive scheme, and a totally different way of doing things. At the start of the year they showed a little bit of promise, but by the end of the year the team just stalled and stalled and ran out of gas. Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Shouldn’t the team look better with 11 games under their belt than 1? How is it possible that they look MORE lost after 3 months of a scheme? This is indicative of bad coaching, and that falls directly at the feet of Rodriguez.

Off the Field Comments
It started early in the season when Rich said, ‘Michigan football will be back.’ This if course begs the question, ‘Where the heck did it go?’ But this week’s quotes are what really incensed me. To tell the greatest fans in the world to ‘Get a Life’ because they care about the results of their team disgusts me. Rich, you’re getting paid millions of dollars BECAUSE all those people care. So either give back some of your checks or shut your mouth.

There is still a half of football left to be played in the biggest rivalry game in the world. It is entirely possible that Michigan will come back and win, and even if they do, I still say that it is time to fire Rich Rodriguez. Bring in a Michigan Man who respects the superior way of life up North, and knows how to bring a winner to Ann Arbor.


More Proof That Vampires Are Awesome

Thursday, November 13th, 2008

I mean, we all already know that vampires are awesome. This has already been proven HERE.

Need more proof? Well OK then, how about the fact that the new movie ‘Twilight’, which is based around the world of teenage vampires, of course it makes sense*, has the NUMBER ONE ALBUM IN ALL THE LAND for the soundtrack.

See? Vampires move product! Let’s see the new Wolfman movie do that!!!


*OK seriously how does that make sense? I would think that if you were a vampire and were planning on living for eternity, the last thing you would want to do is go back to high school. And even less go back and deal with high school chicks and their immense load of bullshit. I mean, adult women are irrational enough, but teenagers? Wow, I’d rather walk out into the sun. Best plan if you are a vampire who looks like a teenager? Go back and date the high school teachers! I mean, they crave the underage wee-wee already and this way it’d totally be legal cause you’d actually be an older man! That my friends is a win win!

We have finally made it.

Wednesday, November 12th, 2008

If you google the words ‘Penis Heater’, a posted sketch in the forums of this website is the first thing that pops up.

Now granted it’s in a restricted forum relating to that great show, ‘Pop Co’, and you probably won’t be able to read it, but it’s just nice to know that Google is looking out for me.

Huzzah to Google!!!


Oh what a night.

Monday, November 10th, 2008

>rent a car bulgaria nothing like a 15 hour Hollywood day.

Woke up at 10AM and immediately finished up on the extra stuff I needed to get done for the show that I directed today, named Pop Co. I would love to add that I was up til 4AM last night finishing other stuff I had to do for the show. Getting 6 hours, better than I was expecting!

Anyways, got to rehearsal at 11AM, and one of my actors could not be there for FINAL TECH rehearsal. This, as you might know, blows. However, since I am Almighty Ray I had a back up plan of course and had the amazing and talented George Caleodis stand in for my missing cast member.

That went smoothly, and we got done early at 1:40! Cool! This left me a little extra time to get ready for Big News Show rehearsal at 2PM! This is good cause I did not have much time to look over much of anything for this show, and I love that show. Rehearsal went alright for Big News, slightly pulled back cause I had not had anything to eat, so I was a little extra silly I suppose.

So then I got out at 6:30, and made my way home via subway.

Did a load of laundry. Found out that my first load failed to wash 25 minutes into it, and had to start it that much later, causing mild stress.

Got back to the theatre at 8:30. I used valet parking and they jut left my car right there in the red zone next to the theatre. This perplexed me, so my attack level was reduced by one. If you get that joke then you are OK in my book.

Got inside and took some time to go over my one big scene from Big News with the lovely and talented Kipleigh Brown. We played Todd and Sarah Palin, and while the overall show might have been a bit sloppy from what I hear, I felt that our sketch together went just fine.

Did Big News from 9-10, I was apparently happier with the show than many other people. But then again I am seriously easy to please, as long as you do not suck.

Big News over, I had one hour til Pop Co went up. It was at this moment post Big News that it struck me; I did not know most of my lines for Pop Co. With all the time that I spent worrying about the minutia of the show, I had not actually taken an appropriate length of time to learn my lines. So I spent the next hour crushing them in hopes that a last minute jam would stick.

At this point I got a call. One of my actors for the show at 11PM would not make the call time. he has to stop home to pick up a jacket, and will be there ASAP. This causes my already pale skin to turn 3 shades whiter. Also I found out that one of my other actors, whom I love, is palling around in the bar instead of helping us get ready. Oi. Herding cats.

My missing actor shows up pissed off with 10 minutes to go before the show starts. I have to do my best to play Dad to both him and his wife, and get us all ready to kick ass. I still do not believe that I know my lines 100% but have fullest confidence that I can ‘Fucking make it work’.

The show starts. In the opening scene we drop a whole half page of dialogue. I wrote the sketch. It was probably my fault. Nobody noticed. Fuck, OK, let’s keep going!

From there everything goes relatively smoothly. We had someone dropping off a video for the show and they did not get there til 5 minutes after it was supposed to go on. Thankfully, I am Almighty Ray and I had a backup plan and another video ready to go. We ended up showing the missing video at the end of the show, post bows, why not?!?! We finished with an extra 5 minutes to spare, so let’s do it!

All in all I was super happy with Pop Co. For a show that was on it’s deathbed 2 months ago we have resurrected it and made it into something good. For the 4th show in a row we have upped our box office numbers, so we will not be canceled yet. It’s almost like I know something about this stuff? Maybe a little? I hope to never look back and keep this train a’moving forward til the dying end.

A note to all the people who could come and support Pop Co but have not yet; There is still time. I’m not prepared to tell all of you to go F yourselves. But we are building something really fun here, and if you want in on the ground floor, there is space on the bus. But don’t be surprised when we roar out of the station and leave your sorry selves behind. I have put my nuts on the line to make this show worth something, and I’ll be damned if we fail.

This is my personal guarantee; If you come support the show and hate it, I will buy you a drink. I am convinced that nobody but the most hateful will take me up on this. And there is still room on the bus from the most hateful too.

So come and see Big News, cause it is the best show in LA by the way, and come and support Pop Co, cause every single week we are putting on truly amazing shows for you, the ever growing audience.

Somewhere this got off topic as to my day, and became a forum as to why you should love Pop Co. This is OK, cause you should love Pop Co.

I’m just sayin’ come and support the show, I am personally trying to build something great here, and need each and every one of you to help make this show awesome. And I thank every person who has supported us thus far, and promise that the future will be even better.



Tuesday, November 4th, 2008

I just saw a report that said that the Iraq Government was ‘Too corrupt and divided’ to be trusted to run Iraq without our control. Wait a sec, too corrupt and divided for OUR corrupt and divided government to loosen the grip on?

Wow, that’s like getting kicked out of Motley Crue for doing too many drugs.