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Cannot Fight It

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

So Julia over at IamRad aka ‘She who rips on vampires because she is not awesome enough to embrace how awesome they are’ has been shown to love that which she claims to despise (Oh if only such)

So let us all rejoice in that the vampire wars are officially over and we on the pro-vampire side have won!


Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009

In an interview today, Kobe ‘The Shitbag Rapist’ Bryant said that Shaq would never have won a title without him.

Umm, Kobe, you do realize that Shaq did win a title without you right?

Fucking idiot.


Fantasy Update!

Monday, June 1st, 2009

So, y’all know already that I rule.

Here’s how my fantasy baseball teams are doing;

In my head to head league the World Eaters have shaken off injuries all season and jumped out to a 5-3 start. This would put me 1 game out of first, and overall I have the 3rd highest scoring team, and am only a scant 28 points away from being the top scoring team.

In my Roto league The Hobgoblin Team is also doing very well. Led by Albert Pujols, Alex Rodriguez, Carl Crawford, and one of my famous no name pitching staffs, the Hobgobs are currently in 2nd place, a mere half point out of first. Also I am leading this 14 team league in 3 out of 10 categories. Word! What is truly great is that I am playing in this Roto League with a bunch of people who I totally convinced that I was a fool who had no idea what he was doing. Ha ha ha.

To quote Space Moose; ‘I don’t know what’s more rewarding, the money…or proving that I am better than everyone’.

Get my checks ready folks, and try not to cry on them, it might smudge the print.