Once more I am disgusted by the NBA.

This post has been a few weeks coming, but I had to wait til my rage subsided. Since it did not, I felt like I may as well post.

Let’s start with what are in my mind commonly understood points about the NBA.

1) The NBA is all about money
2) They feel that having big stars generates more money
3) They have no problem playing hard and fast with the rules to make the big stars look good.

This last point is the most important. I think it’s fairly understood that the NBA draft lottery is by and large rigged. If it wasn’t, then why don’t they televise the actual lottery, instead of just telling us who won every year?

Also understood is that the rules of the game itself do not apply to everyone equally. You hear all the time about ‘home calls’ or ‘that player does not get that call’, or ‘that call will not happen in that situation’. On all 3 points I ask, WHY NOT??? I always thought rules were rules, why do they not apply across the board?

This all gets me to my point. What happened to the Detroit Pistons this year borders on criminal. They were easily the best team in the Eastern Conference, possibly the whole NBA. They had a 2 games to 0 lead on a vastly inferior Cleveland team.

“Oh no!” Muttered someone high up in the NBA offices. “We will get a rematch in the finals of 2 years ago, which had low TV ratings despite being one of the best finals ever.” The Spurs were already in the finals, and Detroit looked to be the easy opponent. This series might potentially have low ratings as well, we need a star in the finals. Hold on, doesn’t Lebron James play for Cleveland?

Then something happened. Fouls stopped being called on Cleveland. Pistons started getting ejected. Touching Lebron James merited a foul every single time. The officials started taking over the series.

Let’s move to game 5 in Detroit, with the series tied 2-2, the Pistons looked to hold the home court advantage they worked all season to have. There was a hard foul on some no name Cleveland player by Antonio McDyess, where he reached around his body after the ball, and ended up giving him a hard foul despite the fact that he ACTUALLY TOUCHED THE BALL. This was in the first quarter, and McDyess, one of the Pistons most important players got EJECTED!?!?!

Despite this major setback Detroit soldiered on, when something else happened. Suddenly the game stopped being called evenly at all. In the 4th quarter Lebron James was granted God status. The Pistons are known for playing tight, strong defense, closing down the lanes when people drive to the basket, and forcing people into bad shots. Problem is every time Lebron touched the ball he drove to the hoop going out of his way to draw contact. This contact led to a referee whistle EVERY SINGLE TIME whether there was an actual foul to call or not. The result of this was that the Pistons were forced to change the way they played defense, and could no longer contest Lebron when he drove the lane. Net result = Lebron cut his way to the basket uncontested for dunks and lay ups over and over and over because the Pistons realized that if they played defense under that ref crew, every member of the team would have fouled out in 6 minutes. Final result = Lebron scores 29 of the Cav’s final 30 points and wins in double overtime to a hail of praise. Shoot, make it illegal for the other team to breathe on me and I would have been able to do the same thing.

This led to a game 6 that was called so poorly that the Pistons wound up imploding with rage halfway through the 2nd half. More players got ejected for being upset over the bullshit, and Cleveland moved on to the finals so that the NBA could have their big star on the biggest stage.

Which would have been fine and dandy except for 2 important things.

1) Nobody cares about Cleveland and wants to see them
2) This rigged match up led to an embarrassingly 1 sided finals.

Thus we have a 4 game sweep by San Antonio, in which the NBA enjoyed it’s lowest ratings for a finals EVER. Good job NBA, way to make the right decision, a competitive series with the Spurs and Pistons would have been considerably better for business, but instead you chose to sell your soul for a basket of crap.

We are all witnesses…to a shitty NBA finals.

Break out the LeBrooms.


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