Garbage in, Garbage out

Ok, so for cat owners, there are 2 different types of trash. Normal trash that comes in trash bags, and cat litter, which if not flushed is collected in smaller bags. These are things which you are supposed to take the the dumpster when ready to go.

What you are not supposed to do is this…..
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I have a neighbor a little down the hall. They understand that keeping trash bags and dirty cat litter around the house is unsanitary. So the likely concept in my mind would be to take this and place it in the appropriate refuse area. The appropriate refuse area is not supposed to be RIGHT OUTSIDE YOUR FRONT DOOR.

But these ‘people’ fly in the face of common decency, why walk the 43 steps to the trash chute when you could just leave your dirty cat litter in bags out in the hallway where other people live? I mean, someone else might come by and take those 43 steps for you! Hell, if you leave it there long enough, the apartment manager might come down and do it themselves!

I just feel especially bad for the poor saps who live directly across from these ass clowns. I mean, who wouldn;t want to have multiple bags of trash and DIRTY FREAKING KITTY LITTER dumped a full 2 FEET from their front door? I mean, who doesn’t want to smell all that while standing in their own kitchen?

I will say that this is not the first time these ‘people’ have done this. It’s been going on for over a year. I can feel the rage building up inside of me, so I’d better stop here.


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  1. Dr. Ludlam Says:

    That’s your first scene!

    (Black and white shot, closeup of Ray’s apartment door. It opens. Ray steps out, stretches arms and yawns, bends down to pick up the paper and straightens. His nose wrinkles as if smelling someting pungeant)

    Signage: What’s that smell?

    (Ray looks up, down, left, right… stop)

    Signage: What the hell?

    (Pan to white bag down the hall from Ray. Ray approaches bag, kneels over it, then fans hand in front of nose)

    Signage: Pee-yew!

    (Ray straigtens, winds up a kick, and punts the bag at the door. Door breaks in. Cut away, next shot shows busted open bag of kitty litter on floor, cat droppings cover the kitchenette)

    Signage: Take that, you dirty motherfucker!

    Cue Keanu Reeves (in hall, pointing thumb at a seething, silently-screaming Ray): “Oh, that Ray!”

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