More about old people

Here is something that has been bothering me for a long time;

Why do some old old women wear extensive makeup? Don’t they understand that it makes them look creepy?

I mean, psychologically speaking, the purpose of makeup is to create a more sexual visage for others to see. Rouge hides blemishes, lipstick brings attention to the mouth, eyeliner just plain looks sexy. I saw a special all about this on like A&E, so I’m an expert.

Anyways it really creeps me out to see like an 86 year old woman caked down with makeup and bright red lipstick and an evening gown hanging out anywhere. I saw this at a music bar a week ago, and I wanted to hurl projectiles I had eaten previously.

I mean, I hate to be the one to say it, but Granny, nobody is going to bang you! You could come in wearing a clown wig and burlap sack and you would be just as sexy to everyone there. And the worst thing about it is, maybe their eyes have gone cause they WAY overdo everything! Maybe this makes the poor old women feel better about themselves, but it for sure grosses me the fuck out! Don’t they understand that their rights end where my feelings begin?

And like everyone is staring at them, and laughing, and pointing, and trying to sneak a cameraphone pic. I mean, I did. Anyways, I wish they would just stop it. If your salad days were the 50′s, then please stop trying to be sexy, it’s over, let the dream die. In fact, if you even know what the hell ‘salad days’ are, you should probably quit too.

I’m just sayin, that shit is gross.


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