Dear Republicans

Please stop having gay sex.

i am getting tired of seeing another gay sex scandal involving a Republican/Conservative every single week. I mean, if you are going to run as the anti-gay, pro-family ticket, at least pretend like you believe a single word you say!

I mean you got Evangelist Ted Haggard going on TV and leading a huge group of religious freaks hiring a male prostitute and doing drugs (was it meth?) with him. Then you got Mark Foley sending profanely sexual IM’s to underage intern boys, then the following pre-election cover up job that the GOP did. Not to mention Florida GOP rep Bob Allen, known for anti-gay legislation, who was just in trouble because he tried to pay an undercover cop 20 bucks in a public restroom so that he could blow the cop! And now the best part of that story, he now claims that he only did it because he fears scary black people.

Shoot those are just the first 3 that spring to mind, there have been way more just in the past 2 years alone.

Now it’s the new leader of the Young Republicans trying to force a BJ on another dude while the guy slept! Please, Republicans, I understand that you crave cock, but save it for willing participants, or at least ones that you pay!

I wonder out loud if Ann Coulter is going to call any of these guys a faggot?


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  1. Dr. Ludlam Says:

    You know why Conservatives love Ann Coulter so much, don’t you?

    Check out the Adam’s Apple. She represents the epitome of a gay fantasy while not technically crossing into homosexuality. She’s about as close to a guy you can get without actually getting with a guy.

    That and the hate-filled rhetoric. Mmmmm… hate.

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