Dear Republicans, Part 2

Ok, this is getting sad.

Obviously my first impassioned plea to US Republicans has failed. A little while ago I begged Republicans to stop having gay sex on the sly and still keep preaching family values.

Then THIS happens and I feel as if my words have been wasted.

Idaho Republican Senator Larry Craig was arrested and pleaded guilty to lewd conduct in a mens bathroom, then tried to deny the whole thing. I mean, if you are going to be a closet gay pervert who hangs out in public bathrooms at least own it when you get caught!

Once again I am getting sick and tired of these Republican hypocritical perverts and their lewd and lascivious behavior. Is there a working Republican who isn’t having gay sex somewhere? I am starting to think that there is not.

Remember, these are just the ones being CAUGHT. What % of caught Republican gay sex offenders represent the overall #? I am sure we will have more and more of these stories as each week passes. Maybe I’ll just start a new weekly column called “Which Republicans are gay this week?” They give me enough material constantly it should be a hit!

Not to mention everyone involved with the President’s administration are all leaving one by one. Maybe they just want to enjoy what free time they have left leading up to the sopenafest coming after the ’08 election.


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  1. Dr. Ludlam Says:

    Gotta disagree on one point, Ray. There is not going to be a subpoenafest in ’09. Assuming Democrats take, well, everything, they’re not going to bother seeking justice. They’re going to inherit the mega-executive powers and do jack-all to curtail them. Why demolish a perfectly good military-industrial complex when you can inherit it simply by being the lesser of two evils? Why would they buy a Constitutional Hillary doll when there’s a much shinier Extra-constitutional Hillary right next to it for the same price?

    If Kucinich isn’t in the race, I’m voting 3rd party. Fucking politicians.

    You’re totally right about the Gayness, though. Democrats are either much better at hiding it, or else already Out (and thus not being hypocritical about it).

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