More Proof That Vampires Are Awesome

I mean, we all already know that vampires are awesome. This has already been proven HERE.

Need more proof? Well OK then, how about the fact that the new movie ‘Twilight’, which is based around the world of teenage vampires, of course it makes sense*, has the NUMBER ONE ALBUM IN ALL THE LAND for the soundtrack.

See? Vampires move product! Let’s see the new Wolfman movie do that!!!


*OK seriously how does that make sense? I would think that if you were a vampire and were planning on living for eternity, the last thing you would want to do is go back to high school. And even less go back and deal with high school chicks and their immense load of bullshit. I mean, adult women are irrational enough, but teenagers? Wow, I’d rather walk out into the sun. Best plan if you are a vampire who looks like a teenager? Go back and date the high school teachers! I mean, they crave the underage wee-wee already and this way it’d totally be legal cause you’d actually be an older man! That my friends is a win win!

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