A lack of updates

Hey gang, just wanted to stop and say hi.

Things here have been crazy busy this holiday season, thusly the lack of updates.

Currently I am working about 6 days a week, putting together a sketch comedy show called Pop Co (This Sunday at 11pm!) performing in the Big News Show (This Sunday at 9!) and on top of it all I had a really good reading for a potential TV project which would happen in January if it happens at all for me. Let’s not get too excited…this is Hollywood after all.

All this and I still found over 100 hours to waste away life playing online games, whew!

Anyways, I have had many thoughts on many different things, but have been too busy (Read: Lazy) to post them. My show responsibilities end this Sunday night, so I promise to post more in the coming weeks.

Also, I promise a new Kids Show Round Up next week as well. I just made a new batch of recordings last week that I am eager to start on. Here’s the list of new shows if any of you want to make a suggestion;
The Doodlebops
Dora the Explorer
Johnny and the Sprites
Martha Speaks

Also know that they have started putting the recordings of Big News Show online at www.bignewsreport.com so go there and you can see doing some of the comedy!

OK kids, that’s about it for now, have a non-sick weekend!


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