Reason number 432…

…As to why I am such an uncaring jerkfacehead.

So, before coming to your friend’s aid to pull them out of a car you should always stop and think to yourself, ‘Is this worth a lawsuit?’

I say no.

I like the fact that the courts have decided that a person is ‘not obligated to come to the aid of another’. So next time I see someone on fire while I hold a bucket of sand in one hand and a bucket of water in the other, I can legally say, ‘Sorry bro, I’m not obligated under the law to help you. Now I got sandcastles to make beeyotch!’

Actually, in truth this lawsuit scares the living heck out of me. A couple doors down from me in my apartment building lives a very old couple. A month or so ago as I was coming home from work the woman poked her head out and asked if I could help her. It seems as if her husband had fallen off the couch and needed help to get back on it again. so I put down my backpack and takeout bag and immediately went inside and picked him up and put him down on the couch without thinking twice about it. To know now that this simple action could have resulted in a lawsuit makes me ill.

So from now on, F y’all, you jerks are on your own.


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