Admitted Phobia

So, a few days ago I was confronted with one of my many strange phobias/OCD moments and I thought I would mention it.

I have a strange fear that I am going to drop my keys in the mailbox when I go to mail out a letter.

Here is an artist’s depiction of the mailbox near my apartment, thirsting hungrily for my keys;

Hey Ray, your keys taste GOOD!!!

Is this weird? I mean, I visualize myself doing it every time I go to use a big blue mailbox. And this compulsion makes even less sense when you consider that I still worry about it even if my keys are in my pants pocket!

I mean sure, if they are in my hand and my hand is going near the slot, it would warrant mild concern. But it’s something that just pops in there every single time! And then I start running through the scenarios of what I would do when I invariably drop the keys in the mail slot. I would try calling the post office, maybe wait around til the collection time, I don’t know.

I suppose in lieu of actual things to be concerned with I need to make some up. But like, wouldn’t it suck to drop your keys in the mailbox?

I say yes, and you agree.

Maybe I just need more real stress in my life to help push this particular one out?


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