Merry Xmas LA!

Happy Family Slaughter!!!

Geez, sadly, this does not shock me at all. When I first moved here the people of LA were described as the following; ‘You know, you’ll have pleasant neighbors, always with a smile on their face, and then one day you’ll find out that one of them killed the rest. This is not weird for LA, just get used to it.’

Then we got the above story, wow. Dressed like Santa, shot an 8 year old girl in the face when she answered the door, randomly shot everyone else he saw, then whipped out a special homemade device that quickly shot jetfire and burned the house down. And even though he didn’t need to, he blew up his own car from a distance before shooting himself. This guy was a pro!

I personally assume that everyone I meet out here is a serial killer. Is that weird?

So, Merry Xmas LA, I knew you’d celebrate as only you know how!


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