I’m watching this magical show on G4 right now. It’s called Cheaters. It is a joy to behold. In it, someone who suspects their partner of cheating (They always are) gets the Cheaters folks to tail them and get the proof.

This show makes me glad of my internal pickyness. It’s just amazing to see the testimonials at the start of the show, and watch the person who is getting cheated on’s opinion of their partner, and the loving, glowing paintbrush that they use to describe how wonderful they are. Then you actually meet them in the ‘Confrontation’ segment and these people turn out to be angry balls of hate who scream alot and get violent, even though THEY were the ones who were doing wrong. It again, is a joy to behold.

It is always funny to me to see a wildly incongruent couple together, and how they both (Or sometimes just one of them) just lives in a state of perpetual denial about how not working the relationship is. Then to hear these same people after the whole thing blows up not having a clue as to how something so perfect could fail. People are hilarious that way.

Ah well, I’d rather be single than dealing with perpetual bullshit. And it’s quality programs like Cheaters that drive this point home.


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