Star Trek

I saw it in IMAX yesterday. Here’s my nutshell review;

Overall a pretty darn good movie. The action was top rate, the characters were really well done, and it seems to be a great launching pad for a new series of movies. Sadly because Hollywood is creatively bankrupt, they had to go back and take an existing story and redo it, instead of coming up with all new interesting characters for us to fall in love with.

I had a few issues with this movie though, and here they are. . .

1) They crapped on Star Trek. Fanboys can accept it or not, but JJ Abrams just rewrote the entire history of Star Trek. Remember Spock’s Mom from the previous movies? Well, stop that cause now she’s totally dead. In fact the Spock that you knew before? He’s totally dead too, and so is Kirk. Did you know that Spock was getting it on with Uhura? I didn’t. Yes, using a time travel storyline, Abrams just rewrote the backstory for all of your favorite characters! So now they have a new clean slate to write whatever the heck they feel like! I don;t know, there was such a wealth of existing history out there already, why the heck did they feel the need to create a new one? Just felt very incongruent to me.

2) The tone was overly comical. I think that comedic moments are part of what makes Star Trek a great franchise. But when I spend more time laughing out loud during a Star Trek movie than I do any actual ‘comedy’ movie, it can’t be a good thing. It’s almost like Abrams wanted so hard to be ironic, he sometimes slipped into George Lucas Episode 1 territory. You do not need slapstick humor in Star Trek (Scotty getting trapped in a water tube). I felt at times like the characters in the movie did not feel any gravity to the situation they were facing, and that they were smirking their way through it. It really jarred me to have a goofy team of chuckleheads trying to stop a guy from imploding the Earth. They found the humor in the original series, but it always felt organic, never forced.

3) I have no 3. It was really a 2 point criticism of the movie, but when you start with numbers, you got to do 3. So darn it.

Anyways, there was alot to like about this new movie, and I found myself genuinely enjoying it. But I am not prepared to put it up there as a great masterpiece of our time. The cast that they got really did a great great job, most notable was Dr. McCoy. I do not know the name of the actor (And am on a roll so won;t look it up) but he rocked, really great job to him. Not him alone, but he rocked it hard.

So there ya go, my thoughts on the new Star Trek, about a week and a half later than you actually would have wanted them.


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