In The Morning

I am lying in bed, next to a lovely young lady friend.

It is the morning after, and we are having back and forth conversation.

I am lamenting the fact that the few cool chicks that I have wanted to date over the past few years have had no interest in such. While at the same time I get gay men who come out of the woodwork all the time to tell me that they want me.

‘Ray’, she says and I paraphrase, ‘The problem is that women are turned off by your arrogance, whilst gay men love arrogance’.

I respond, ‘I don’t know about that, I think women love my boisterous type of confidence. It may border on arrogance, but I think I have a great way about me that women should want to get with!’

‘Uh huh,’ she briefly pauses to think of the correct words to pop my ego bubble, ‘And how is that working out for you?’

‘Well, I did get laid last night’.

There is a pause.

‘Well played sir, well played’.


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