This could be my new favorite news story.

A woman is trying to sue the Cap’n Crunch folks for deception. Deception you ask? Yes, she claims that she was deceived by the company because Crunch Berries are not actual fruit.

Yes, go ahead, read that one again. I’ll wait.

Now, a quick rebuttal from me;

Where do you think they grow the Crunchberries? Do you think that somewhere deep in the Amazon Rainforest there exists a tribe of natives who yield the highest Crunchberry output in the world? They have a vast Crunchberry field set up next to their Schnozberry one. And no, of course Crunchberries do not resemble fruit, don’t be silly. They resemble sugar sweetened corn cereal! It’s part of the magic of the Amazonian tribe and the fertile grounds they grow in.

Or, you be tarded and need to stop, now.


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