Another Affair???

Wow, seriously? How can the GOP aka the Grand Old Philanderers keep up this ‘Family Values’ line of crap??? ANOTHER top line Republican Senator admits to an affair. There are obvious questions…

Did R Sen-NV John Ensign publicly go full force against Bill Clinton during the Lewinsky affair?

Did R Sen-NV John Ensign resign his post after admission of said guilt?

Did R Sen-NV John Ensign fuck a dude?

What the hell is up with this??? We all know that Democrats have sex with women, and Republicans have sex with men. I mean, that’s as natural as the tides! What does this John Ensign fellow think he is doing being a Republican and having sex with a woman!? It’s embarrassing for the party of closeted homos!

Anyways, it’s interesting that the people who most notably pounded Clinton in the 90′s for his affair are the ones who absolve themselves politically of their own affairs years later. Let me just say that Republicans are the worst form of hypocrites, not that this is news.

So man up Ensign, and resign. Or is what you wanted Clinton to do on moral grounds years ago too good for yourself?


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