Wait….Another Affair? WTF?!?!?!

I thought Senator Ensign would be the last we’d hear about one of the Grand Old Philanderers falling off the monogamy bandwagon.

Let’s look at the facts AGAIN!

South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford goes missing.
He tells his office he is probably hiking the Appalachian Trail.
He swipes a Government vehicle and goes to the Atlanta Airport
He flies to ARGENTINA to fuck his mistress.
He comes back a week later without contacting anyone for most of the time and holds a press conference to own it.
He resigns from his GOP positions but NOT as Governor.

Let me ask the same questions I asked about Ensign;

Was he a ‘Family Values’ Conservative?

Was he one of the guys who loudly railed against Clinton during the Lewinsky affair?

Did he loudly demand that Clinton resign his post after the affair on moral grounds?

Did Sanford resign as Governor when his own indiscretions came to light?

So, once again we are left with yet another Republican hypocrite who feels that what is good for others is too good for himself. See, when you claim higher moral ground on all things, you are held to a higher standard. If you fail to live up to the self imposed standard you set, you deserve all the shame you get. On the plus side for him, at least he didn’t have sex with a dude, so the GOPhilanderers at least are staying one step from the hypocrisy bottom.

Mark Sanford is a LIAR, a CHEAT, a HYPOCRITE, and a PIECE OF SHIT.

The people of South Carolina should impeach his sorry ass, and never look back.


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