Tired of Beckham

Ok, maybe not tired of David Beckham himself. After all, he is a great soccer player who is always front and center on the worlds biggest stages of the sport he plays. He ranks #10 as far as top paid athletes in the world goes. He married a Spice Girl, and the hottest one even! I salute David Beckham.

But what I am tired of is the retarded american coverage of him. See, American sports broadcasters don’t know anything about soccer. We don’t follow it here, most of the time we don’t care about it here. So as a result our sports commentators are oblivious to the sport. So when the World Cup comes around and all the sports people try and talk intelligently about it, they typically fail.

What I get annoyed with is how they cover Beckham. The crew at ESPN and ABC sports, who have coverage of the World Cup have wanted to highlight David Beckham, for he is one of the biggest stars in the sport. However they don’t know anything about him. So there was a B level movie that came out a little bit ago called “Bend it like Beckham”. And the folks at ESPN have hideously leeched onto it as their parachute in Beckham coverage.

Let me explain, when they show highlights on ESPN of anything Beckham is involved in, they can’t help themselves but to make some sort of “Bending” reference over and over again. Stuart Scott is a noticable example of this. I swear, the man cannot even say the name Beckham without saying that he is bending this or not bending that. For fucks sake, I saw Stuart Scott make 3 bending references in 2 sentences on Sportscenter once. It is driving me nuts. Every time I see his picture in the little box in the upper corner on ESPN, I know that within 5 seconds somebody is going to make some retarded bending reference, and it has gotten 6 levels past old.

Dear ESPN and ABC (same people), please stop referencing that stupid movie. It does not make you clever, it does not make you fresh, all it does is point out your failings of knowledge on the sport and people you are covering. Here is my idea, next time you are inspired to make one of 9,000 bending references in regards to David Beckham, instead stop. Perhaps do a modicum of research and present me with some interesting tidbit about this athlete instead. Perhaps give me some statistical info about his recent career. Perhaps just saying that he is a great player is enough.

Whatever you do though, please please please stop all these INSIPID BENDING JOKES THAT WERE NEVER FUNNY OR CLEVER.

Thank you.


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