The same thing we do every night

Lately I have been giving more and more thought to taking over the world. I am in favor of it. It would be a good thing if I did it.

Oh if only I knew the first thing about Doomsday Devices!

Then it would be awesome, I mean, what would be cooler than having your very own secret hideout with an array of high tech gadgets and a standing army of well trained grunts in stylish uniforms with your symbol on it? I cannot think of a single thing, except maybe a threesome with Angelina Jolie and that chick that ate at my restaurant the other night, she was hot.

In any case, the reasons for taking over the world are obvious, the methods unfortunately all require about 5 different things that I at this moment do not have. Hmm, just wait til I break through, once I have vast wealth and ultimate fame there will be nothing that can stop me! Muh ha ha!!! That was my evil laugh, maybe it would have more power if I did it instead of just typing it. Now when I say nothing can stop me, that is probably a gross overstatement, I have decided that will be my fatal flaw. I will believe my plans foolproof even when they make no sense, I like to call this Cobra Commander Disease, or CCD for short.

Ok, I will go practice my hand wringing in front of a mirror for a few hours, I may elaborate on this in a later post, but then again, I may just TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!


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  1. Corey B Says:

    When you take over the world can i be second or third in command. Ive always wanted to rule the world too. We will dominate the world just like we used to dominate saturday doubles.

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