Fuck Barbaro

Seriously, who gives a shit about this stupid horse?

Ok, ok, I know, all life is precious, how dare I say such horrible things, blah blah blah.

If all life is precious why don’t you care about all the field mice that get killed in the combines that harvest the wheat for your vegan bread? Until you grow all your own food 100% shut the fuck up, you kill animals one way or another, hypocrite.

Back to my original point; Fuck Barbaro.

I am inspired to think that if I had a life and death problem that I would receive medical attention on the level of this horse. It’s good to know that people would care as much about my well being as a healthy, intelligent human being, as they would this carrot gobbling animal.

If you think the owners of this horse give 2 shits about it’s health you are naive and sad. It’s about the money. Truth is, despite that fact that it won’t race again, there is much cash to be made in the stud market, in short, so long as they can save Barbaro’s weiner they are happy. But let’s stop pretending that anybody involved save for maybe the doctors at ‘bedside’ actually care what happens on a personal level.

In conclusion, I think that ESPN should set up it’s own channel devoted purely to Barbaro coverage, as opposed to breaking in every 5 minutes to give updates like it’s a major concern of mine on a minutely basis. If it had it’s own channel, I could simply not watch it, because I simply don’t care, which makes me the same as the other 100% of the world. If you say that you actually care, you are wrong.


2 Responses to “Fuck Barbaro”

  1. Deb Says:

    You seem a little angry and envious. A lot of
    people care, why does that anger you so much?
    Some people in this world care about more than
    just themselves and their own inane, bitter

    P.S. – The horse is insured for $25 mil + if he
    cannot reproduce. I don’t think the owners
    are too concerned with the $.

  2. georgina Says:

    “Who gives a shit about this stupid horse?” Obviously not YOU !!!!!!!! However over 1,000,000+ fans in 15 different countries have been following his progress on the Tim Wooley Racing website !!! This horse has shown incredible spirit courage and CLASS… something that you know nothing about !!!!! The world is rooting for this horse who continues to defy all the odds…….undefeated CHAMPION of OUR HEARTS…….His legacy will be far more than any triple crown….. eg.safer tracks for horses and jockeys….GO BARBARO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We Believe in Miracles!!!! We Believe in Barbaro !!!!!
    His MIRACLE does continue…………..Georgina

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