Car Plus Finance

Car Plus Finance in Harbor City, CA

Don’t freaking go there. They are as shifty and shady as they get. Now the following story did not happen to me, but a friend of mine, and I was there to witness the entire debacle.

My friend, let’s call him Michael, needed to buy a car, for he had no transportation. Car Plus Finance had a listing on for a nice Xterra, black, great features, low miles, and good price. So Michael went in there to get it.

They gave him the typical credit runaround, but he met every one of their standards. He offered to give them a deposit of 4 grand in cash to hold the car while they worked out the financing. They refused to take the money. However within 2 weeks with constant communication from him he gathered all of the materials they needed to get approved. Car Plus Finance even called him when he was out of town to tell him the good news, and he set up a date to pick up the car and complete the transaction.

So the magic day came, he called Al at Car Plus Finance and said “Are we ready to do this”, Al said “Yes sir, come on in and we can do it.” So I drive Michael to Car Plus Finance to finish the transaction. First thing I noticed was the car we had looked at before was not there. So Michael goes over to Al and asks him, “So where is the car I am buying?” Al responds, “Oh, we didn’t know what was going on with your credit, so we sold it out from under you, but we have this totally different YELLOW Xterra with totally different features that you have never seen before we can sell you right now”. Best part was Al had the balls to say “Well, we didn’t have a deposit from you to hold the car, so we didn’t know what to do.” Never mind the fact that Michael put 4 GRAND IN CASH on the table in front of Al and offered it as a deposit and was REFUSED BY AL.

It was at this moment that I just slowly walked away because I was afraid Al would be thrown off the balcony through the windshield of a few nearby cars in the lot. What an ASSHOLE. So he knew that Michael was only interested in buying a certain car, was working through the process with him, then dicked him over and didn’t even tell him the truth? I mean the car was specifically the central point of the whole discussion. Yet despite the fact that he knew the car was already sold, he never let this fact be known to the potential buyer, hoping to bait and switch him at a later time. Not only that, but this PRICK had Michael get a ride from me down to the lot to complete a sale on a car that didn’t even exist anymore, and didn’t even bother to tell him. So Thanks Al, you not only wasted the time of Michael, but you wasted my afternoon as well, and just because you are a DOUCHEBAG. I mean, is this seriously a way to do business? This is your job right?

So, in closing, DO NOT BUY FROM CAR PLUS FINANCE IN HARBOR CITY!!! Even if they seem to be offering you a quality deal, based on the experiences I have seen with my own 2 eyes, they will try to dick you over one way or another, if it is not presale, it will be down the line. If you read this and then choose to buy from them anyways, you are a fool who deserves to be taken advantage of. Even if they don’t dick you over, these are not quality human beings that you should be giving business to, I am sure there are plenty of actual caring human beings that deserve your money more than these ass clowns. I hope everyone involved with CAR PLUS FINANCE gets cancer and dies alone.

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