Oh Awesome

The NFL season is here. Time to be once again filled with joy, excitement, and eventually Detroit Lions heartbreak.

This year would seem to be different though. In the NFL quick and sudden turnarounds can happen to any team in any year. I keep waiting for the Lions to get their turn on the carousel. That being said I know this team has much talent, and the new coaches fill me with optimism, they seem like the right crew at the right time. I have high hopes that this will not be a disappointing season.

Then I read today that one of the Lions assistant coaches was caught driving naked and drunk a few days ago.

My only reaction was to stop, shake my head, and say, “Aww Fuck.”

Way to go Lions, right on the verge of what could be a great surprise season, a coming out party if you will, you gotta go and freaking embarass your organization, and your city on the eve of the opener.

Thanks alot jackasses, usually you guys wait til a few games in to let everyone down, now you’ve stepped it up to deflating hope before the season even begins.

And best part about the naked story, it was his 2nd arrest for DUI in like a week and a half! Imagine his thought process for a second, “Hmm, ok I just got busted for DUI a week ago, what would be the best thing I could do, hmm, let me see, oh I know, I’ll take off all my damn clothes, strip down totally naked, and drive around while drunk tonight, that would be HOT! Thankfully I don’t have any responsibilities to my community, so off go my pants, WOO! I mean sure I just got busted, but I have the power to push those thoughts of eventual repercussions out of my mind, goodbye boxer shorts YAY! Ok, I’m ready to go, LOOK OUT WORLD!!!

It’s hard enough being a Lions fan out in the middle of LA as it is, but it gets even harder when the only things to come out of Detroit are hideously awful and embarassing. Are we getting a team in LA yet?


(Addendum)It has come to my attention that he had the drunk naked incident the first time, and then got the real DUI in the 2nd infraction a week later. I don’t care.

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