What is wrong with the NFL overtime system? I have been hearing people cry about how it is unfair and that they should mimic the college overtime system as if that is the gold standard of how to end sporting events.

Am I missing something? First off, in NFL OT, the first team that scores, wins, the end. If you allow your opponent to drive the whole length of the field and score, then you deserve to lose.

Cry cry, the team that wins the coin flip and gets the ball first always wins. WRONG! If you kick off and hold your opponent to a 3 and out, then you will likely get the ball in a better position on the field than your ‘always winning’ opponent did, thus giving you a better chance to score. All that they ask you to do is play a modicum of defense and not let the other team dominate you.

The college OT rules are weak anyways. Let’s let both teams get a shot from the other team’s 25 yard line, like that is not random and stupid. So let’s let both teams start in highly makeable field goal range to start, to make sure the games might take forever. But to be sure, after 3 possessions if still tied, you are forced to go for 2 point conversions instead of kicking the extra point.

So essentially in the college game it becomes a battle of 2 point conversions. Does this sound anything like a soccer penalty kick shootout to anyone else? Yet people seem to agree that is a stupid way to end a match, but they love this arbitrary college OT system? Like it’s much better?

My solution; to make for exciting games it is simple. Just play out a 5th quarter, full 15 minutes, 1 time out per team, then at the end of that, most points win. If still tied, then it is a tie, move on. This will give both teams at least 1 possession to score, and reward all phases of the game instead of inventing a weak system to make it ‘fair’.

How easy is that?

You are welcome new NFL commissioner whatever your name is.


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