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Michael Vick

Monday, August 17th, 2009

OK, I am just sickened by this guy.

Vick spent 2 years in prison for running a dogfighting ring for 6 years. In this he laughed as family pets got torn to shreds by vicious pit bulls. In this he drown and electrocuted dogs who were not performing. In this he got his proverbial ‘rocks off’ and took pictures of himself trying to look cool in the dogfighting environments.

Now he says that he sees how terrible it all was and says he’s sorry.

Fuck Michael Vick. Is anyone really dumb enough to think that if he had not been caught that he wouldn’t still be involved in this crap? Do Herm Edwards and Tony Dungy really think that if left unchecked, that Vick would have ‘figured it out’ and put an end to the dogfighting ring that he apparently was so happy to be involved with???

Michael Vick is one of the most disgusting human beings to have ever lived. He is an insult to polite society, a criminal, and a murderer who got off on torturing animals. The fact that he is being allowed to come back and make millions of dollars to play football again should be making people around the country very angry.

And all this doesn’t even mention that when he was playing, he was a shitty quarterback! He could run well, sure, but lacked the ability to actually be an consistent, effective NFL QB. This pimp job that ESPN has been trying to run for him the past month has been disgusting. ‘Hey, I know, let’s put someone new on TV every day talking about what an exciting runner he was, and forget about everything else period!’

So in short, the Eagles just signed a 30 year old, past his prime, murdering, torturing, can’t throw, can’t read defenses, fumbling, criminal who will bring protests everywhere he goes to a multi million dollar deal. All this for what? I’ve already talked to passionate Eagles fans who tell me that they refuse to root for their own team this year as long as Vick is on it. I am sure they are not the only ones.

Know this; Michael Vick has surrounded himself with lawyers, writers, coaches, and PR people. every single thing he does right now he was told to do. Every word he says he was told to say. Before you start to believe him, know that. He has a top notch team orchestrating his every motion. The real Michael Vick is a monster who does NOT actually feel bad about what he did, he only feels bad that he got caught, and now is trying to follow a path that will get him paid again.

I hope the Eagles come to their senses and cut Vick before the start of the season. Playing in the NFL is a privilege, not a right. And his inhuman actions over an extended period of time prove that he does not deserve this privilege.

So, in short, the Eagles should do the right thing and dump Vick out on his shady ass. Good riddance torturer, you already deserve far worse than you have gotten. I hope you burn in hell you sick fuck.


Draft Talk

Friday, April 24th, 2009

Ok, want to get this out before the draft on Saturday;

Your Detroit Lions are going to have a very interesting day at the draft this year.

That being said it would appear that they will take Matthew Stafford with the overall #1 pick. Boy, I hope that he is the guy. By that I mean I hope he does not turn out to be a mega bust, not that I hope that he is who they take.

Let’s face facts, the team has got alot of needs, and it would behoove them to trade down. Nobody wants to trade down however, so they be stuck.

An interesting thought hit me earlier today. It would seem that the Browns are looking to potentially trade away Brady Quinn. Maybe they wish to try and draft QB Mark Sanchez at 5? What if Sanchez gets drafted at #4 by a team trading up to get him? Would Cleveland perchance trade with the Lions? Matt Stafford for the #5 pick and Brady Quinn? Then the Lions could draft OT Eugene Monroe or DE Brian Orakpo and fill another need with (theoretically) the QB position covered? That way Cleveland could start Derek Anderson for a year and groom Stafford for the role over time, instead of throwing him to the wolves right away. Just a thought, I really do not even like Brady Quinn to be honest, but it made me think a little.

What I would like to see Detroit do;

Pass on Stafford. Draft either LB Aaron Curry or OT Jason Smith at #1. They will cost less, and have less ‘bust’ potential. We cannot afford high level busts at this point.

Use the #20 pick to take QB Josh Freeman. If he is not there, go with USC LB Rey Maualuga, who is projected around that slot. If Freeman is gone and they took Aaron Curry at #1, go with the best available OT, and if that feels like too much of a reach, take the top rated Defensive player.

The first pick of round 2 is interesting. Somebody is going to slip who is a mid first round talent. We would be wise to snatch that guy up, cause not only will he be very good, but he’ll also be pissed off and come into the league with a HUGE chip on his shoulder. Barring that, I would love to see Detroit take (Yeah I’ll say it) LB James Laurinaitis. James’s father is former WWE(F) wrestler Animal from the Legion of Doom!!! We need more Animal blood on our team. This I believe. Of course if we take Curry or Maualuga this pick would make no sense, just go with the top rated player. One of the bonuses of having so many needs is that they can take a player from about any position (BUT NOT WR!!!) and it would make sense.

In any case, This draft will be very interesting to watch. I am very curious to see how it all works itself out. With no Matt Millen to mismanage everything, I actually for the first time in almost a decade have a good feeling about the draft. At least I have a good feeling that I will not be embarrassed about the results.



Your Detroit Lions: 2008

Monday, August 25th, 2008

I am now terrified of this upcoming NFL season.

I was all prepared to have very low expectations for the one true and unbridled love of my life; The Detroit Lions. after the collapse last year and the out and out release (basically) of 2 of their best players in Shaun Rogers and Kevin Jones, I was prepared to write this season off.

The defense was terrible, the running game looked awful, and Kitna was going to get his tail sacked off. In short, another sad Lions season.

Then they went and won their first 3 preseason games. Now, I know, preseason only means so much, but it’s the way they did it and who they beat. They faced 3 of the better offenses last year in the Giants, Browns, and Bengals, and they shut all of them down cold. The defense looks very strong, aggressive, and fast.

The passing game looks like it will be a huge strength with many deep plays to Johnson and Williams.

The running game with new rookie Kevin Smith seems to have found some life, not the strongest, but dogged and determined and tough.

And I have no idea what to do.

Dare I say that in the past 3 weeks they have (as they do every year) filled my broken heart with hope? Given me cause to get excited about what will happen thus year? Make me dare say the word, ‘playoffs’?

It’s kinda funny, I have found that being a Lions fan is like my dating record in LA. I get really excited at possibility, filled with hope that things are going to be different this time, and then in the end nothing happens.

I mean, until this year!